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This is my 2nd album, which is in effect an EP and contains 3 songs:

1. Schumacher - Haydn, Bright (German Nat. Anthem)

2. Ascari - Bright

3. I Love Ferrari - Liszt, Bright (Nottorno III)

The song playing on this page is the second one  - Ascari.

Alberto Ascari was a 2 times world champion in 1952 & 53. He drove for Ferrari and was, believe it or not,  so far the last Italian world champion in Formula 1. He was also the first champion driver for Ferrari.

He tragically died in a car crash, testing a friends Ferrari at Monza in 1955. It was suspected he suffered a fatal brain haemorage, caused possibly by having crashed his race car into the harbour at Monaco 2 days earlier.


EP Cover - Schumacher EP
Richard H. Bright  | hbrightmusic@aol.com