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The latest News

13 Feb 2012

Another year has gone by, and as my brother told me - another year closer to dressing like my Dad.....ha ha ha - Funny bugger!

Well Tunecore.com have increased their prices dramatically for music distribution to the online stores like iTunes etc. Which means I have had to withdraw most of my albums as I cannot afford the expense any longer; It would mean me making a loss on sales as I am not a fulltime famous musician. I have to rely on the social sites and word of mouth to promote myself.

So all is left at iTunes now are a couple of singles. Its a shame that tunecore.com have done this as the amateur like me can no longer afford to get on iTunes.

I suppose I shall have to change a few pages here promote some of my newer non-released projects.

8 Jan 2011

I didn´t realise that it had been so long since I updated. So maybe I should wish everyone a happy new year before the year is too old.

My Mum celebrated her 80th birthday yesterday, and my family are taking her out today for a special treat. Work comitments prevent me from being with her.........a shame.

1 July 2010

I can´t believe it´s talen this long, but after nearly 6 months of waiting the "Schumacher - 2010 Comeback Remix" has finally arrived at iTunes!!!

Lets just hope it performs better than his actual comeback at the moment........sorry Michael.

Here´s the link to iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/schumacher-the-2010-come-back/id349951087?i=349951156

1 Feb 2010

It´s released! My latest single "Schumacher - 2010 Come Back Remix"  is now available for download at Napster, Amazon MP3 and Rhapsody. iTunes should follow shortly.


The Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Schumacher-2010-Come-Back-Remix/dp/B0034PSYWE/ref=sr_shvl_album_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1264945929&sr=301-1

The Napster link: http://home.napster.com/#cgi-bin/searchXML?type_id=albumtracks&result_type=track&select_by=album&select_value=13516588&format=json&count=10&index=0



15 Jan 2010

I have just finished my remix of the Schumacher song.

It has now been sent to Tunecore for distribution to the digital download stores, should be available to download at the beginning of February.


4 Jan 2010

Happy New Year Everybody


10 Nov 2009

Had a weeks holiday in England to visit family and friends. It´s always good to get back and see the family. We also went to a couple of Halloween parties. Funnily enough we had pretty good weather, which was just as well as we were on the bike!

9 July 2009

I have redesigned the website a little, and I added a couple of new pages for my own music video creations. And a page for picture and photos. They might be of interest to some of you, especially the silly ones........ho ho.

Link to videos

Link to pics


1 July 2009

I don´t believe it I actually joined Twitter today. So if you want to follow me here´s the link:



29 June 2009

I can´t believe it´s been so long since I last updated.

Never mind, I´ll give you the latest news.

At the beginning of the year I released a new single called "Just Another Day in Gaza". The single is available at all digital shops, including AmazonMp3.

15 Mar 08

Wow, it´s been a while since I updated here. Perhaps that´s because there´s been very little to report. Especially as I´m still waiting for iTunes to release my latest album. "Nautical Mysteriums" is however available at:

Napster, Amazon.comMP3, and Rhapsody.



4 Jul 07

Created a new page, My Music 8 with a new music video


10 Jun 07

My latest album "Nautical Mysteriums" has now been released to Tunecore. Should be released on iTunes on or about the 6th August 2007. The album is already available at Rhapsody.com

24 Mar 07

Uploaded a new music page showing my latest Album available at iTunes: Chopin Chopped


12 Jan 07

I have now joined www,soundclick.com , another site where my music can be found and bought, there are a few freebies too!


6 Dec 06

At last my latest album "CHOPIN CHOPPED (Classics Done-Over)" has been released at iTunes. It was 6 weeks overdue this time.

1 Sep 06

I shall be going away on holiday on 3rd of September for 3 weeks, I need a rest and to clear my head ready for new creations in the winter.

I shall probably be releasing a Christmas EP too this year, so stand by for that.

11 Aug 06

I have now released a classical remix album called "CHOPIN CHOPPED" containing 7 tracks. Should be up at iTunes early Autumn 2006.

If you wish to hear some examples, then log in to my MySpace page at www.myspace.com/rhbright


18 Jul 06

Yes it´s finally up. The "SCHUMACHER EP" has finally arrived at iTunes for downloading.


9 Jul 06

Added a new page 6. It´s a slide show showing my latest compostion "Loch Ness". This will be added to the album "NAUTICAL MYSTERIUMS" due for release later this year.


16 Jun 06

Took up some advice I read about in a music magazine, and set up a place at MySpace.com. Apparantley film producers and the like have now taken to searching MySpace to find new artists, so, not wishing to miss out have created my space: www.MySpace.com/rhbright there you can also hear some of my music.

2 Jun 06

Good news today, the SCHUMACHER EP has already been released on Rhapsody, hopefully will follow shortly on iTunes. www.rhapsody.com/richardhbright


31 May 06

I´m trying to remaster some of my songs for the next album. I´ve got to try and improve the quality, but so far seems to be working ok, still not as good as a professional studio though.

Listen in to page 6.


23 May 06

Just checked at Tunecore, the Schumacher EP has now been sent to itunes, Rhapsody and Napster, so should be up for downloading early July. I guess it´s time to work on my 3rd Album now.

www.itunes.com www.rhapsody.com/richardhbright

12 May 06

More good news, had my first positive reply today from Lcdd at www.digitaldreamdoor.com So go and visit his site, he has loads of info and trivia about all kinds of music. Many thanks to him for linking me on his site.


9 May 06

Big news today! My first album has arrived at last at iTunes and Rhapsody.

www.itunes.com then search under new, or type my name for search.


4 May 06.....

Added a new page, demonstrating an example of theme music.

18 Apr 06.....

Added a new page, introducing my new EP

11 Apr 06.....

Well I´ve had a couple of replies to my requests for a producer, have all been knock backs so far, but thats to be expected. At least I´m grateful that they replied and gave me some comments for me to work on. So I shall carry on surfing the search engines till I meet someone.            Don´t give up on me yet!!!!

6 Apr 06.....

Some people have mentioned not being able to hear the music. It should work as I have tested the site on other people´s PCs. However if anyone has trouble hearing the music, they might check the properties of their Internet Explorer, and make sure that  audio and multi media from websites is enabled.

31 Mar 06.....

Just received info from tunecore that my album has been released on itunes, rhapsody, Napster, and MusiNet. Should be available for download within the next 6 weeks.

24 Mar 06.....

At last my own website. I hope to keep updating these pages as often as I can, and keep you all abreast of the evolving situation with my music


23 Mar 06.....

My first album is in the process of being released through Tunecore, so hopefully will soon be available on itunes and rhapsody in the near future. (March 2006)


Richard H. Bright  | hbrightmusic@aol.com