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Visitors since March 2006


Welcome to the Richard H. Bright homepage

Here you´ll find out all about me and what drives me as far as my music is concerned.

You will have noticed that I am a Formula 1 fan, I have followed the sport since the early sixties.

But not all my music is dedicated to motor sport. My main ambition is to create music for film, TV, Documentaries, and even advertising.

As you navigate through the site, You´ll hear various titles from my music that I have created over the past couple of years.

Please enter your comments and remarks in the visitors book, no matter how mundane they might be, I´m always grateful for all views from you, and I will reply to all.

The title you hear playing now is:

McLAREN - Bach, Bright (Präludium) and will be on the album "GRAND PRIX 2" when it´s finished, hopefully later this year.



Richard Huntley Bright

Born 5 February 1953 at Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England.

Secondary Modern education, joined the army 1969, and served in the Royal Engineers till 1983, serving at Düsseldorf , Germany (3 BAOR Map Depot) then (14 Topo Sqn RE), and Barton Stacey UK (42 Survey Engr Regt RE). Then worked as a civilian attached to the RAF in Germany. In 1984 started in car sales, selling tax free cars to members of the armed forces.

After the fall of the eastern block, started working 1992  for CeWe Color Photo Lab at Mönchengladbach, Germany, till 2006.

At the moment is working for WENKO Prodlog in Baal, Germany



Myself 1 May 2014
Richard H. Bright  | hbrightmusic@aol.com